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In 2002, Shandong Best Food Co.,ltd was set up in Jinxiang county, Shandong province. Jinxiang county is the largest garlic production and export base in China, one saying as: "The world garlic focus on China, while China garlic concentrates on jinxiang". The company founder - Mr Cheng, take full advantage of the Jinxiang garlic base , developed the company rapidly which relying on his 20 years running for garlic business experience. The peeled garlic processing factory was established in 2006, which help us become one of the biggest producer for peeled garlic in China. We invested ginger factory in 2007, and then it promote the development of the ginger business promptly. Now the products of garlic, peeled garlic and ginger gradually occupied the America, Canada, Europe and other high-end markets. In the same year of 2007 the investment to build the kidney beans production bases and establishment of the distribution center in Europe, successfully wins the beans markets in Eastern Europe. Since 2008, with the years of effort, we successfully opened the sales market of apples, pear, pomelo, carrots, chestnut and other products. At the process of the company development, focus on the quality is the most important concept, the certification of Global GAP, BRC, ISO, KOSHER and HACCP has passed.

On the basis of the stable development of the export business, the company began to focus on expanding the domestic market. In 2012, we invested 30 Million US Dollars to build factories of Enoki Mushroom Planting, Quail Feeding and Instant food of mushroom and quail eggs, and created the brand of Moms Heart. By the main push for Chinese high-end markets, through cooperating with Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Aeon, Tesco and other large supermarkets, Bestfood successfully opened the markets in the Beijing, Guangzhou, Jinan and many other cities.

Shandong Best Food Co.,ltd is your best reliable supplier in China. And we believe we will have a better tomorrow together.

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